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    2. Thermal underwear, the latest fashion

      2019-03-25 09:57:14 zhongqi 0

      Thermal underwear, the latest fashion elements - light and warm

      The sunshine in the winter is always very special, there is no summer in the hot feeling, it gently sprinkled on the body, light, delicate and warm. This winter, the light warm underwear reminds me of the memory of the winter sun, the same gentle care, give people a warm personal warmth. Eider down coat, coat, or luxurious fur is no longer synonymous with winter, light fitting thermal underwear that originally slightly thick winter much a lithe and graceful scenery line.

      Elastic soft

      Thermal underwear super elastic and soft characteristics, the composite structure of the outer cotton fabric also makes this year's thermal underwear to show a more soft characteristics.

      In addition, blending technology for thermal underwear brings more style: a blend of cashmere and natural silk, superfine fiber, high count cotton and Lycra blended, thermal underwear, warm, elasticity and recovery have been greatly improved. Don't hold warm underwear in a sweater inside, have become the primary standard for consumers to buy elastic thermal underwear.

      Ultra thin thermal insulation

      The integration of real high-tech content is the main trend of thermal underwear this year, which is mainly reflected in the use of high quality new fibers. All kinds of elastic fiber, superfine fiber, antibacterial fiber, ceramic fiber to replace the metal layer, plastic layer, cotton sandwich and other materials. Keep warm underwear in the past bloated, thick, hard, do not have a lot of air permeability changed. Fashion underwear underwear information platform; information platform

      This year's warm underwear to change the monotonous color of previous years, increasing the sense of fashion. Design pay attention to the body, also at the cuffs and waist side has also carried on the special design, in addition to underwear to wear in the body without any gaps, but also let the underwear completely tighten body, fully embodies the graceful curve of women. Color is no longer a monochromatic domination, began to join the decorative pattern, like "Palladio" have thermal underwear women respectively by the moon and the stars in the graphics and the generous nature of the flower pattern, pouring into the fashion element to the simple underwear.

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