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    2. Avoid buy inferior thermal underwear with six strokes

      2019-03-25 09:57:39 zhongqi 0

      The city's major shopping malls in thermal underwear sales unusually hot, Chengdu City Administration for Industry and Commerce recently released consumer warning remind consumers: more than half of the thermal underwear quality market unqualified, six selection method can effectively help customers avoid buy low-quality thermal underwear.

      Chengdu City Administration for Industry and Commerce on January 1, published in Chengdu thermal underwear checks the quality of the results, since the beginning of winter, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry of the city's 14 shopping malls selling 23 batches of thermal underwear were random, sampling results show that, including thermal underwear 52.2% batches of quality standards.

      Accordingly, Chengdu City Industrial and commercial bureau recently issued a consumer warning remind consumers: currently on the market more than half of the thermal underwear quality unqualified, mainly in some thermal underwear are fabric fiber content, logo and other substandard; and the concept of some businesses to keep warm in the clothing material speculation overheated, buy thermal underwear must be rational, not all kinds of new nouns by deception. The following 6 ways to avoid buy inferior thermal underwear will have a greater help:

      Look, see if there are mottled, weaving is uniform, if not uniform or variegated, should be careful to buy. Touch, touch, good thermal underwear outer layer feel soft, feel warm. Blowing mouth from the fabric side blowing, the other side is feeling hot, that air permeability, wet permeability effect is good, or when the choose and buy to be careful vigilance. Pull rub, gently pull the fabric, feel the elasticity is good; free to rub, no sense of hierarchy, non pilling, removal of the fabric is good fabric. Listen, when the choose and buy just gently shake or gently rub the fabric, listen to the rustle, if there is no such voices, fabrics may not contain PVC plastic film or better handled. Fitting, inspection, elastic, try on the body see whether a bloated, sluggish feeling, the activities of the joint body can freely; inspection model identification, washing logo, qualified certificate, warranty card, whether complete, complete is genuine.

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